Fast ways to finance your business

Fast ways to finance your business

Financing a start-up or any other business for that matter is always a great challenge. If you do not have enough savings, you will have to look for a convenient way to finance the business.  Finding the finances in any given economic climate can be very challenging; securing the right find is now tougher than ever. Below is a combination of all best techniques to follow when you are looking for some capital for your business.


This is a finance method that involves selling your receivables at a loss or discount to get the cash you need up front. It is a great method for companies with a poor credit score or industries that run as apparel manufacturers.  While it is a fast way to get the capital you need, it can be a bit expensive on your end.

Take out a bank loan

This can be a fast way to get the capital you need for your business but only if you meet all the right qualifications.  A bank will lend you the money you need if you have a good credit score and your business has been running smoothly for the past couple of years.

Credit card loans

Using your credit card to fund the business has become so common today. Although it is a very risky plan, it tends to work in your favour almost always. All you have to do is ensure they make all the credit payments on time so you retain a positive credit score and ability to ask for larger loans from the bank.

Tap into your 401(k) plan

This is the perfect plan for people who are unemployed and looking to start their own businesses. The funds accumulates in the retirement fund can come in handy. You are legally allowed to tap into the funds which mean you will not face any penalties when the right steps are followed.


Crowdfunding sites are fun and effective when it comes to raising money for your project at a relatively low cost.  First , you set a goal of how much money you need to save and over what period of time then your friends family and other individuals se the Crowdfunding site to pledge for the money.  Keep in mind that Crowdfunding is not a long term solutions, which means that it will not always work out for you.

Look for angel investors

Finding an angel investor is not easy but can be beneficial for the financing of your business.  to get an angel investors, you need to have a great idea, some form of experience and know what you are doing. You can find angel investors online, in conferences and also asking from your peers.

Get a micro loan

When you lack credit history, it can be difficult to secure a loan from any lending institutions. If the amount of money you need is not overwhelming, you could go for a quick loan from family or friends or apply for a microloan online. Microloans are small loans from commercial banks or micro lenders. Good thing about these types of loans is that they are easy to pay back with a relatively lower interest rate.

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